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Complete solutions for accounting

For our customers' regular bookkeeping, we offer complete solutions that make financial planning easier and take care of all the administrative bookkeeping work.


With our packages, you benefit from an overall solution that enables you to plan your financial expenditure better and covers all the administrative work. Our accounting package covers the following activities:

  • Recording of business transactions

  • VAT - accounting

  • Quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Controlling activities individually tailored to the customer

  • Declaration to compensation funds and other public offices

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Coordination in the event of queries from the tax office or other official bodies

Monthly flat rate:


CHF 350 for companies with a turnover of up to CHF 100,000

CHF 430 for companies with a turnover of up to CHF 300,000

CHF 520 for companies with a turnover of up to CHF 500,000

CHF 690 for companies with a turnover of up to CHF 1,000,000

CHF 730 for companies with a turnover of over CHF 1,000,000

Monthly flat rate for payroll accounting:

CHF 105 for up to 3 employees

CHF 129 for up to 5 employees

CHF 156 for up to 10 employees

CHF 219 for more than 10 employees

Completing the tax return

from CHF 50.40

  • single from CHF 50.40

  • married from CHF 71.-

  • restfrom CHF 81.30

  • legal entities and sole proprietorships CHF 123.50


  • per child or dependent person CHF 19.55

  • Home CHF 29.80

  • Securities and other investment properties CHF 40.10

  • Questions due to missing documents CHF 15.40

For personal meetings there is a surcharge of CHF 46.30 raised.

Financial advice

from CHF 147.80 *

Financial advice for legal and natural persons​​

  • Audit of business accounting and advice on accounting in accordance with the Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER and IFRS

  • Advice and support with budget planning

  • Advice on insurance-related questions regarding business or life insurance

  • Support in pension-related topics

  • Investment advice

Bookkeeping and other administrative work for your accounting

from CHF 95.80 *

Accounting for legal entities and individual companies


  • Recording of business transactions

  • Payroll accounting

  • VAT - billing

  • Quarterly and annual financial statements

  • Declaration to compensation offices and other public offices


If desired, an annual flat rate can be agreed.

Legal advice

from CHF 179.05 *

Legal advice for companies and natural persons

  • Advice on commercial issues

  • Code of Obligations

  • Civil legislation

  • Debt and Bankruptcy Law

  • federal Constitution

  • Tax laws

Tax advice

from CHF 137.40 *

Taxes for legal and natural persons​

  • Tax advice on economic issues and support in dealing with the authorities

  • VAT

  • withholding tax

  • Federal tax

  • Advice and support in filling out the tax return

International trade and tax agreements

from CHF 192.- *

Advice for legal entities and individual companies.


Trade and tax agreements with the following countries are covered

  • European Union (EU)

  • USA

  • Great Britain

*Prices per hour incl. tax

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